About the Company

Experience since 1999

Experience that pays off!

Our many years of experience in express transport are a guarantee for companies in the automotive and aviation industries.

We have created a culture of discipline to always ensure the maximum efficiency of our services, the goals of our clients are our responsibility.

Transparent prices and complete information on the transport procedure.

We are always there for you and we would be very happy to take care of your next shipment.

Services Your satisfaction is our goal!

Economical, but always the best options for our customers, in other words, our vehicles are simply there, with more than 11000 special trips last year.

Valtar Transporte guarantees you the shortest transport times: we usually pick up your shipments within 30 minutes (nationwide) to 60 minutes (abroad), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our modern fleet fulfils all technical requirements, thus significantly contributing to our reliability, punctuality, flexibility and safety.

The GPS equipment of our vehicles ensures a high level of security against theft and offers comprehensive information about their position, enabling a flexible positioning of the fleet. The fast and reliable transport of your shipment is of great value to us!

Transport example:
TRIER DE- 54290
GUARDA PT6301-859 20 hours
Baia Mare RO-43001
Bielfeld D-33602 17 hours

Wherever you want!

Our fast information and decision-making processes make us flexible. We guarantee a reliable, timely and flexible delivery. From document to pallet goods, nationally and internationally. Valtar Transporte guarantees the shortest transport times.


Our customers come
from a wide range of industries

We would be pleased to send you a list of references of our customers.
Please, send us an e-mail to info@valtar-transporte.de with the request for the transmission of a reference list.

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